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Chris Schultz March 3, 2014 Community Help

One of the first use cases for Niko Niko came from a desire to have a simple feedback loop for our employees and clients at Flatstack.  Each day we send out a daily report in Basecamp to our clients and we wanted to give them the ability to react to the report with their feedback on "how it's going?"

Here's how to get started using Niko Niko for Customer Service.


1) Create an account and set up a new team on Niko Niko.

2) From the Customer Service template, you can customize the questions you'd like to ask your clients.



3) Next, schedule when you'd like the client to be automatically sent the question by Niko Niko.  You may want to do this 1x per week initially and ramp it up if you'd like a tighter feedback loop. Just be careful about sending too many emails.



4) Now your team is set up, everyone on the team will now receive the prompts according to the schedule you created.Niko_Niko_question_notification___cbschultz_gmail.com___Gmail.png



In addition to the ability to provide feedback in response to the prompts that Niko Niko will now send, we've made it easy to deliver feedback to your team anytime, anywhere.

There are three ways to provide this feedback, and you can log this any time.

1) Log onto the Niko Niko website and click the Surveys & Questions tab to log a response to a question anytime.My_Customer_Team___NikoNiko.png

2) Download the Niko Niko iPhone app and sign in with the same email address you used when you created your account.  You can now log a response to the questions anytime, anywhere.


3) Install the Niko Niko Chrome Extension to log a response to your question anytime in just a few clicks from your web browser.


Now customer feedback is quick and simple to provide so you can always have a pulse of how your customer is feeling about your work!